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Hat Cleaning Service

  • R 199.00
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Is your favourite hat so dirty and you still want to wear it? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We will send a courier to pick it up, we will then wash your hat and get it to look as clean as it was when you bought it, and then send it back to you!

All hats gets cleaned by hand and will not be put into any machine at all. We give each hat the premium personalized service it deserves!

All only starting at R199! 

Unfortunately we do not fix any hats, so we will take a picture when we receive it so you can see what condition it is in and then we will clean it. 

When the courier picks it up, just ask them to put it in a flyer bag and we will send your prized possession back to you in a special box so it does not get damaged.

We will pick up the hat at your shipping address you add when you check out.

Want to send more than 1 hat? No problem. At an additional R50 per hat, we've got you covered!