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One Flame

One Flame, One Fire - Firelighters

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These unique firelighters burns better than any other we have ever seen! 
It is Safe, Non-Toxic, Waterproof and Odourless
For the avid camper it is ideal as you can store it inside your caravan or tent as it is completely odourless. If it rains and everything gets wet, these firelighters will still be able to burn. Completely waterproof!
These firelighters are made from organic material and burns without any residue, thus it is non-toxic. Even the packaging is made from recycled materials and is completely bio-degradable.
During the manufacturing, the mixture is heated up to 85 °C for at least 10 minutes, which kills all foreign seeds and pathogens that might be present in organic material we use.
Due to the double-wick system, you only need one firelighter to start your fire. Because of the double-dipped wax, it does not dry out – ever!
The double wig and unique shape of the firelighter makes it burn instantly.
And now you can get it delivered straight to your home for FREE if you order more than R500 worth or there will be a standard R99 delivery fee.