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The Camping Faucet

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This amazing unit is an absolute must-have while camping. If you prefer not purchasing the Wash Buddy that comes with a complete set where you are able to do your dishes in, you can now purchase this 220V "geyser" separately.


This Sunbeam product has the following specs:

Sunbeam SEF-200:

  -   Water heated to 40-60 degree C in 10-15 seconds 
  -   Energy saving 
  -   No additional geyser required 
  -   Expected savings of over 30% 
  -   Overheat and over-pressure protection 
  -   Power capacity 3000W 
  -   Made from a high-quality material 
  -   12 months standard warranty 
  -   Color: White and steel 
  -   Weight: 600gm 

Now you can also add a bracket if you wish that is a standard fit and if you already have a washup stand, you only need to drill in 2 x 6mm holes to hold it up. Only for a small additional fee.

And remember, as always, delivery is included. So no additional costs!


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