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The New and Improved Water Straw

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We are proud to bring to you the new and improved Water Straw! 
This new technology and new design has gone through vigorous testing and now we can prove our statements. 
This straw removes 99.9% of bacteria.
On the inside it absorbs harmfully heavy metals and pesticide.
Drink water from stream, river or lake and not get sick. This will clean the water as good as new!
You will also receive a FREE TPU water bag included as well as a camo bag to store your straw in!
If you choose to add the pump, you will also get a separate bag for that!
Easily replace the cartridge
Lifetime of 1000L (Depending on water quality)
Size: 220x120x65 mm
Weight: 516g Including Camouflage Bag
3 Easy ways to use this fantastic product!


If you prefer, you can also include the pump system! This then makes your life a whole lot easier! Get the USB pump that you can recharge at any time and pumps the water for you through the filter automatically! 


Be sure to not miss out on this essential product. If you need to replace the filter, contact us and we'll get you the parts.
As always, FREE Delivery anywhere in South Africa!


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