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The Journey to Exploring South Africa - CLARENS

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Clarens, a small town situated in the Eastern Free State is today a tourist attraction and capital of everything from adventure to art. And what uniquely describes Clarens history of its geological and architectural features, is what the town is built on, sandstone formation from the many buildings in the town of homes, restaurants, and nature reserves, places of activity or accommodation and wedding venues.



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Clarens is known for its spectacular sandstone mountains and wonderful climate; it is one of the most picturesque spots in South Africa and has recently been acclaimed as the best Trout Fishing waters in South Africa. ... Clarens is part of the scenic Highlands Route and is surrounded by mountains.



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Established in 1912, the town of Clarens was a result of two farms being sold Leliehook was bought from Hermanus Steyn in 1910/11 and Piet De Villiers sold his farm Naauwpoort (situated near the Titanic rock) to a company at the time wanting to have village in the area, the two farms were divided into even and sold for fifty pounds. And after negotiations a decision was made to name the village after President Paul Kruger influence on the area after he as a voluntarily exile lived his last days in the town of Clarens in Switzerland. Following the Free State-Basotho War of 1865 – 1866, where five Transvaal burghers were murdered in the Eastern Free State, and as a result war was declared between the Transvaal and the Basotho leader, Moshoeshoe.



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Visit the Anglo-Boer War Museum or Surrender Hill Heritage Battlefields site for the documented Clarens history of the Anglo Boer and Basotho bloodshed wars. Clarens often referred to as a ‘jewel’ of the Free State, and one such ‘jewel’ is it’s Titanic Rock. The most notable sandstone cliff in the area is situated just 2kms north of Clarens. It’s a huge rock that stands like a sentry to welcome all who visit the village. The uniquely shaped rock forms part of Clarens history as it was named by a resident after the Titanic ship tragically sunk. Due to its remarkable resemblance and being shaped like the bow of the ship.




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Then you also shouldn’t forget about the Clarence Brewery!
Clarens Brewery is one of the country’s first Brew-Pub, Cidery and Distillery set in the foot-hills of the magnificent Maluti Mountains where our fun-loving team has the thrill of brewing, talking, serving and enjoying great beers, ciders and distillate, all whilst being part of the fantastic craft revolution that is sweeping our country.



Here are some of the great guesthouses in and around Clarence:


Elsewhere is a fully furnished and equipped self-catering house located in a secure and peaceful residential art of Clarens across the road from Clarens Golf Estate


Nestled between Bethlehem and Clarens with rare and beautiful views of the spectacular Maluti Mountains,it is not surprising that this venue has been validated by many as the perfect wedding venue.


Ararat Clarens is a guest house that is an ideal getaway for nature lovers. Set in the town of Clarens in the Free State, this is a place that offers guests a welcome relief from the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. The town has become a thriving tourist trade.


The Mooigezicht Guest House in Clarens is a great quality accommodation venue situated in this small town in the Eastern Free State. With over 100 years of history, Clarens is a picturesque town with a unique history to it. Visitors can learn more about how this town came into being through the informative cultural tours as well as its dinosaur tours. They can learn about the Basotho culture and buy art pieces from the various art galleries in the town.

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