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Barend Breedt Legends Legacy Series BB Backings (Combo 14)

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Get 14 of the best BB backings there is exclusively made by the Legend that is Barend Breedt!
Axe - Almond
Zeus - Clove Oil
300 - White Pineapple
Maximum - Fish Oil
Braveheart - Gumtree Mix
Alpha - Sweet Plain
Dracula - Strong Garlic
Dragon Fire - Fireball/Bunspice
Gladiator - Caramel Flavour Green Flouro
Killer Instinct - Stuttafords Mix
Megladon - White Honey
Omega - Plain Yellow
Oricle - Musk Mix
Pokemon - Sweet Peach
Make sure to go watch the Legends Legacy Series episodes where Barend Breedt shows you how he puts these products to work!


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