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Barend Breedt Legends Legacy Series Dips Combo

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Get this unbelievable combo of 29 Legends Legacy Series Dips exclusively made by the Legend himself that is Barend Breedt.
Zeus - Clove Mix
Troy - Duiwelsdrek
Tracer - Flouro Spirits Mix
Dracula - Strong Garlic
Tarzan - Banana Mix
Target - Coconut/Caramel Mix
Sparta - Spirits Mix
Shoshaloza - Garlic/TCP Mix
Pokemon - Peach Mix
Oricle - Green Musk Mix
Maximus - Baber Caller Mix
Killer Instinct - Stuttafords Mix
Jack Sparrow - Duiwelsdrek/Caramel Mix
Hot Gates - Passion Fruit Mix
Gorilla Tactic - TCP Mix
Excallabur - Red Musk Mix
Dragon Fire - Bunspice Mix
Delta Force - Rasberry/Duiwelsdrek Mix
Bee Sting - Honey and Almond Mix
Axe - Almond Mix
Arrow - Aniseed Activator Mix
300 - Pineapple Mix
Brave Heart - Bloekom Mix
Game Time - Muddy Activator
Gladiator - Caramel Flavour/ Green Flouro

Maximus carp

Sweety Pie


Maximus River

Make sure to go watch the Legends Legacy Series Episodes where you will see these dips in action!

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