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Mac Spices

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Now you can enjoy the most delicious spices for your meal! 
If you are an Outdoors person and love a good braai, this is ideal for you. You cannot go without any of the Mac Spices!

Inside every bottle of Mac Spice is a medley of amazing flavours! Our spice has a great balance of sweet, sour & salty with a hint of bbq and a variety of beautiful herbs. Everything you need in an all-in-one seasoning

The Hot One is  Mac Spice's original spice mix with added Carolina Reaper Chilli Powder in 375ml container. 
These delicious spices gets made in the small town of Elands Bay.

Elands Bay a scenic seaside resort about 2 hours drive from Cape Town, known for its wildflowers, delicious seafood, cray-fishing with a permit, San rock art and surfing.

It boasts endless beaches, a beautiful mountain scape and peaceful surroundings, making it the perfect place to unwind.


When ordering any of our spices, there is a R99 delivery fee unless you order 7 or more, then delivery will be FREE.

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